Beam Me Up Scotty Recipes

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  • By Joe Getz

Recipes to brew a traditional Scottish Heavy

As a part of our new Blog Thing section on the website we'll be posting recipes for your brewing enjoyment.  Our goal is to post recipes that will be available to taste at one or both of our store locations at the time of the blog publication.  For our first recipe highlight we're sharing the recipe for Beam Me Up Scotty, a traditional Scottish Heavy 70 Schilling.  We know, we know...  it's not a juice bomb.  Those are coming.  There's more to life than juice bombs, we promise.  Give this brew a shot.  We're including both an All-Grain version and an Extract version to cover all brewers.  All the ingredients are of course available at either store as well. 


ALL GRAIN - Beam Me Up Scotty 5 Gal

EXTRACT - Beam Me Up Scotty 5 Gal