Cagliata Cheese Curd Mozzarella 1lb Frozen

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Caputo Brothers Creamery ( is located in Spring Grove, PA. They start with milk from a local dairy that gives their cows no synthetic hormones and access to pasture. Then, instead of using an acid or vinegar to culture the milk they spent the time to find the perfect bacteria to culture the milk. This has captured the perfect acidity to give you the authentic experience of an Italian fresh mozzarella. Using the Cagliata allows you to create your own stretched mozzarella cheese at home and turn a simple meal into dinner and a show!hand-crafted-cheese

How to use it?
Allow curd to thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Chop curd block into nickel size pieces and place into a stainless-steel mixing bowl. (Optional: add salt to the curds at this point if desired.) Slowly pour water (175 – 185F, not boiling) over the chopped curds and allow the curds warm up for a few seconds. There should be enough water to completely cover the curds. Start to stir and stretch the curds as they meld together into a mass. It should stretch under its own weight until the mass becomes cohesive and shiny. Roll the stretched curd into the desired shape and immediately drop into cool water or salt brine. May be stored in water, or wrapped in plastic wrap, and then refrigerated for a few days.

Watch a video demonstration on using cagliata:

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