1 yr), may display gueuze-like qualities in complexity." />

ECY34 Dirty Dozen Brett Blend

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Twelve (12) different isolates of Brettanomyces exhibiting high production of barnyard "funk" and esters. Dryness, ripe fruit, and acidity will be encountered over a period of months and over time (>1 yr), may display gueuze-like qualities in complexity. Contains various isolates from lambic-producers, B. bruxellensis, B. anomala, B. lambicus, and B. naardenensis. For those who want the most from Brett yeast, whether a 100% Brett fermentation is desired or adding to secondary aging projects. 
Type: Ale Yeast BlendAttenuation: HighFlocculation: n//aMinimum Fermentation Temperature: 60°F (16°C)Maximum Fermentation Temperature: 74°F (23°C)Alcohol Tolerance: n/a

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