NJ Wildflower Bulk Honey Buy 5 Pounds

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2018 Honey Bulk Buy!


The Honey will be coming from Fruitwood Orchards in NJ and will be 100% Raw NJ Wild Flower Honey, so Buy Local, Buy Smart!

Pre-order your honey online or in-store and come by PHO WEST on Saturday, June 23rd between 12-4pm to pick it up.  You MUST provide your OWN WIDEMOUTH CONTAINER.  We will have 1 gallon glass jars, and 2, 6.5, & 7.9 gallon buckets in stock for sale, but otherwise we will not be providing any containers to store your honey in.   For reference, 12 pounds of honey fits in a one gallon container. 

Pickup will be at Philly Homebrew Outlet WEST only! (1314 S 47th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143)

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