Red Silicone Soap Mold w/ Stainless Steel Stackable Basket

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Super Heavy Duty Natural Silicone Loaf Mold (Color Red - Food Grade) w/ Stainless Steel Stackable Basket

Mold can be used for cooking or making soap. Oven and Microwave Safe (mold only).

This Silicone Soap Mold is four to five times thicker than traditional silicone molds, and is the first silicone soap mold strong enough to withstand thousands of uses. In addition, it is engineered to provide years of easy service, and sized to make soap loaves that can be cut into 11 one-inch bars.

Made of finest grade silicone with following specs:

  • Temperature ranges from -40 to 536 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Will retain its shape after thousands of uses.
  • Dimensions (Inches): Interior: 11.25(L) X 3.25(W) X 3.70(H) Exterior: 11.75(L) X 3.75(W) X 3.941 (H) Wall thickness: .25 inch; Bottom thickness: .24 inch.
  • Designed to make a 4 lb to 6 lb 11.25 inch long loaf of soap. You determine the height of the soap when you fill the mold.
  • Food Grade.

The basket provides the perfect support for the included silicone mold; for your 11 inch loaf of soap (or meatloaf). More importantly, you can stack several baskets allowing you to conserve space as you make multiple 11 inch loaves.

The outside dimensions of the basket are 14.25" deep, by 4.25" wide, by 5.75" high (1.5" of this height are the stacking ears). So to work out the height of the baskets stacked, you multiply the number of baskets you want to stack by 4.25" and add 1.5". IE. So two baskets stacked (as in the picture above) would be (2 x 4.25) + 1.5 inches high = 10 inches high.

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