10 Frame Bee-Ginner's Kit

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Our 10 frame Bee-Ginners kit has everything you need to start and work your first hive except the bees, feed, and paint. We pride ourselves in providing you the most successful kit available with no extras you don't need.

The 10-Frame Bee-ginner's Kit includes:

  • Telescoping Top
  • 1 Pine Hive Body
  • Inner Cover
  • I.P.M. Bottom Board
  • 10 Assembled Wedge Top Bar and Divided Bottom Bar Deep Frames
  • 10 Sheets of Deep Crimp Wire Foundation
  • Entrance Reducer
  • Cypress Entrance Feeder w/ Quart Plastic Jar
  • Brushy Mountain Smoker w/ Fuel
  • Bee Brush
  • Standard 10" Hive Tool
  • Beginner's DVD & Book
  • Plastic Coated Gloves
  • Hatless Veil
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