All Grain Homebrew Class


This class will be an introduction into how to brew using All-Grain. James Baker, of Philly Homebrew Club, will teach the steps of All-Grain brewing, including grain selection, mashing, recirculating, sparing, and more. You will actively participate in the art of homebrewing while learning the essentials to brewing a 5 gallon batch using All-Grain. This class at has limited space, so reserve early. The class at will be held at Philly Homebrew Outlet West on a Saturday or Sunday, starting at 11 AM and likely finish at 4. The instructor will reach out to you to schedule a day for the class that best suits your schedule.  The cost for this class is $75 and includes lunch and homebrew samples to enjoy during the lessons.

Please note:  There is nothing mailed out for this class.  You will be contacted by the instructor to schedule.   If this is a gift and your would like us to mail you out a gift certificate, send us an email at [email protected] and we'll send one out!



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