5 Essentials For Summer Homebrewing

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5 Essentials For Summer Homebrewing

Hot days leave us craving an ice cold beer. Whether you are an IPA devotee or a dedicated lager fan, summer homebrews are the perfect way to cool down. When the temperature rises, maximize your brewing efforts with these summer-ized products:

1. Kveik Yeast
Kveik yeast is the best thing to happen to summer brewing. Kviek yeast allows you to ferment at higher temperatures (70-104F) without sacrificing flavor. You can keep your brew fermenting in your garage without a worry about the rising temperatures destroying all your hard work.


Philly Homebrew Outlet has five varieties of Kveik yeast in stock including:



2. Electric All Grain System
An electric all grain system is an excellent upgrade to your brewing collection. While it is a bigger investment, this system allows you to heat and brew, without slaving over a hot stove. You can plug one of these systems in and brew--anywhere!


Philly Homebrew Outlet sells three different electric all grain systems.


  • The Anvil Foundry 6.5 gallon system, is perfect for making micro-batches 3 gallons and under. Priced at $275, this system comes with a Philly Homebrew Outlet all-grain ingredient kit for a 2.5 gallon batch (up to $25 of ingredients).
  • The Anvil Foundry 10.5 gallons system, a bigger investment at $405.95, heats lightning quick and makes the brewing process super efficient. This electric all grain system is 10.5 gallons for 5 gallon recipes. 
  • The Brews Edge Mash and Boil, priced at $299.99, takes the bulkiness and complexity out of mashing at home, replacing awkward water coolers and burners with a compact unit you can plug in anywhere.


3. Thermohydrometer
To keep your yeast happy and your flavors intact a thermohydrometer is a must. This handy gadget measures both temperature and your beer’s original and final gravity accurately to determine your ABV.


4. PHO Ingredient Kit
It’s hard to think in the heat--to keep it simple grab one of Philly Homebrew Outlet’s signature ingredient kits. The Black is Beautiful Extract or All-Grain kits both produce a smooth stout, that is perfect anytime of year. The PHO Sizzle kit is the result of a collaboration between PHO and Tonewood Brewery (our neighbor in Oaklyn). Check out all our ingredient kits here. 


5. Kegging Equipment
Summertime is a great time to give kegging a try. When you first start homebrewing, likely with a kit, you are probably bottling your beer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bottle conditioning beer, but shifting to using a keg, can save you time, leaving with you more moments to drink and enjoy your brew.


And if you shift to kegging, keep a couple growlers on hand, so you can bring some brew to your next summer socially distant hang out.


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