Become a Better Brewer This Year (10 Homebrewer Resolutions for 2021)

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Become a Better Brewer This Year (10 Homebrewer Resolutions for 2021)

Forget the gym; forget becoming a better person and instead, become a better brewer this year! There is only one way to reach this goal: brew more!


And lucky for you, Philly Homebrew Outlet has everything you need to forget your lofty, healthy goals and instead focus your energies on what everyone needs right now to get through 2021: a perfectly homebrewed beverage.


Here are ten homebrewers resolutions for 2021:


1. Brew your first 2021 beer, now.

Check out our selection of in-stock PHO kits and Craft-A-Beer Kits or grab your favorite recipe. PHO has all the ingredients you need.


2. Make something that is not beer or wine.

Try mead, kombucha, seltzer or even skeeter pee!


3. Perfect a recipe.

Pick your favorite style and brew again and again all year. Be sure to document your recipe and method until it is just perfect.


4. Brush up on your homebrew knowledge.

Check out the content on PHO’s Homebrewing blog, watch our cider class and stay tuned for more virtual classes and workshops throughout 2021.


5. Try a new yeast strain.

Pick a new yeast from the Philly Homebrew Outlet shop. We are really digging Kveik yeast. It allows you to ferment at higher temperatures (70-104F) without sacrificing flavor.


6. Mess around with a novel recipe.

Experiment with something totally off the wall! Try a pickle beer, mustard beer, braggots or beer-wine hybrid.


7. Share with friends!

Share your homebrews with friends! Share your hobby with friends, offering them some of your knowledge, so they can start homebrewing on their own.


8. Give kegging a whirl.

Start kegging your beers and take growlers instead of 6-packs!


9. Try a wine kit.

Trust us, wine kits are easy, delicious and a great chance to try a novel wine recipe! Check our selection of special order wine kits.


10. Enter a homebrew competition and WIN!

Get rewarded for all your hardwork and enter your homebrew in a competition. Not only will you get valuable feedback from expert judges, but you could also win!




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