Four Homebrews to Make Now for Fall

Four Homebrews to Make Now for Fall

One of the best things about homebrewing is the seasonality of it all. The last weeks of August bring overflowing gardens, shorter days and whispers of the cool, crisp nights ahead that are perfect for drinking Fall homebrews. It is also the prime time to get your Christmas beers brewed, so they can age throughout the Fall. 


Here are four homebrews to make now and enjoy on the cool, crisp days ahead:

1. Pumpkin Spice

We know, we know, no one wants to hear about pumpkin spice anymore. But with hints of ginger and cinnamon, there is nothing more quintessentially October than a homebrewed Pumpkin Spice beer. You can also grab some Amoretti Extracts, available in Pumpkin Spice, to add to your favorite beer recipe.


Recommended Recipe: Haust blot (aka “Autumn Sacrifice)


2. Oatmeal Stout

Cooler days mean it is time to layer up and we think a homebrewed oatmeal stout is the perfect accessory to that favorite sweater your grandmother knitted. Fuller than a traditional dry stout, but more approachable than an imperial stout, Oatmeal stout has a complex flavor profile that warms you up on cold Fall and Winter nights (and days, no judgement here).


Like a different sort of stout? Give one of the Craft-A-Brew kits a try. We like the Bone Dry Irish Stout kit and the Chocolate Milk Stout kit


Recommended Recipe: Vorago (Spell 1982) 

3. Oktoberfest Beer


Oktoberfest might be cancelled in Germany (you can’t go there anyway), but there isn’t any reason why you cannot transport yourself to the Bavarian beer hall by brewing an Oktoberfest beer in your own home. Oktoberfest beers are traditionally made from grains harvested in the Spring, brewed and then aged throughout the summer. Their amber hues leave us thinking about changing leaves and nights around the bonfire.


4. Christmas Beer

Christmas Beer is like Christmas in a bottle--you put the work in now and then uncap as soon as you see Christmas lights on your street. The variety of Christmas beers is vast. For the most part, this seasonal ale is heavy and seasoned with things like cranberry and cinnamon and cherries. It is the perfect homebrew to serve to your holiday guests, drink while you wrap presents and pass out as gifts to the people you love! Christmas beers should be bottled in amber bottles (grab some from Philly Homebrew Outlet here), so the flavors can age and gain that robustness they are known for, without being damaged by the light.


Recommended Recipe: Cranberry Rosemary Red (Note: This recipe requires 4lbs of frozen cranberries and .75 oz of rosemary.)


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    My name is Mike I am the bar manager of world cafe live. we are having a beerfest on Feb 26th 12-5 we are looking for a homebrew to come and have a booth to promote homebrewing let me know if you are interested

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