It's Time for the Dreidel Game (In-stores only!)

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It's Time for the Dreidel Game (In-stores only!)

Here's what you can win on each spin:

1. 10% off your order

2. 5% off our order

3. Nothing (but the joyous memories of spinning a dreidel!)

4. The chance to donate whatever you wish (round up, a couple bucks, everything in your wallet) to our charity of choice, the Fishtails Animal Rescue.


Really, everyone is a winner!


The Fishtails Animal Rescue is a foster-based animal rescue in Philly that accepts adoption applications from the tri-state area. We love our furry friends at PHO (as much as we love home brewing) and you can help us support Fishtails in their mission to ensure every animal has a forever home.


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