June Recipe of the Month: Sorcerer's Pledge Schwarzbier

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June Recipe of the Month: Sorcerer's Pledge Schwarzbier

No magic(k) here. Just good clean beer! The Schwarzbier is not your typical dark beer! When most think of dark beers they think of big Belgians, big stouts, big porters, Cascadian IPAs.... Seeing a trend?


Bigger isn't always better!


Though traditionally brewed as a lager we've had great success brewing that with Omega Lutra Yeast or just fermenting Saflager 34/70 at room temperature. Try to keep your mash temperature on the lower side, this is important because we want to keep the sugar fermentable, that is a big part of what separates a Schwarzbier from more popular dark beer styles.


Refreshing, clean and dry with a bit of roastiness. Brew this baby up and offer it to your friend that says they "don't like dark beer".This will probably change their mind!


Other Recommended Yeasts:

Saflager s-23
Omega German Lager
Imperial Global Lager


Ready to Brew? Pick up the kit from PHO and Get the full recipe here. 


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