Standing by Our Community (How You Can Help)

Standing by Our Community (How You Can Help)

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and events that unfolded in Philadelphia in early June have left our neighbors in West Philly hurting. Our physical locations have remained undamaged; but seeing the pain and destruction that have ravaged our communities is heartbreaking. 


Jay Dean, who works for PHO in West Philly, told us that the main shopping center in the neighborhood is destroyed. Not only does this impact those businesses and their employees, but it also impacts the ability for the community to access the goods and services they rely upon.


Philly Homebrew Outlet is dedicated to fighting injustice as best we can. We are not sure of all the best things to do just yet and we think that is okay. Our approach has always been to be open and humble--there is no one perfect way to craft beer, but there is just one thing you want to result: a drinkable, enjoyable brew.


We don’t think there is one perfect way forward, but we do believe there is one acceptable result:


Justice for all.


As we work to figure out the best ways to help, we thought we’d share with you the things we are doing now and things you can do, too.


Support local business recovery efforts by donating to The Enterprise Center. The Enterprise Center works in West Philadelphia to support business acceleration and entrepreneurship. This week, the Enterprise Center launched a fund to help rebuild and support businesses destroyed along the 52nd Street corridor. PHO donated and you can too.


Listen to community needs and community leaders. We are taking this time to listen to what our community needs to move forward and take advice from local leaders and community members.


Review how more we can engage and support the social revolution that is happening. We will keep looking for more ways to engage and serve the community that has always been there for us. 


We continue to be inspired and pushed by our community to do better. We believe that Black Lives Matter and we stand with you Philly and South Jersey. 


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