Chilean Malbec 6 Gal. Juice (Red)


Also known as Cot, this variety is originally from southern France. After the phylloxera epidemic in Bordeaux, it was grafted onto vigorous rootstocks. These Malbec grapes had difficulties reaching ripeness, however, and were simply replaced by Merlot in blends.

Malbec arrived in South America around 1850, adapting easily to different wine producing areas, and thriving at high altitudes. Chile has produced some amazing wines with Malbec grapes that come from vines that were planted in cooler areas of our traditional valleys.

At its best, Malbec is of a deep, dense and dark purple color.On the nose, it shows aromas of violets and plums with touches of leather and tobacco that can also feature vanilla and cinnamon, depending on its aging in wood. With lots of juicy fruit on the palate, its tannins are usually gentle and sweet. It has great body and a lush texture, and can be vinified on its own or used in blends.It is the ideal wine to go with grilled or stewed meats.

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