Chilean Viognier 6 Gal. Juice (White)


This lush white from the French Rhone Valley is Syrah’s sister grape and one of the few white grapes that grows well in warmer climates. Its wines are rich and aromatic with pronounced notes of apricot and peach, often coupled with floral notes of orange blossom and honey. It is still fairly new to Chile, but the results to date have proven promising.
Viognier also has a unique property that makes it useful in setting color when fermented in conjunction with Syrah, an age-old technique that is now used in some Chilean wineries.

These medium- to full-bodied wines pair well with dishes that have some richness, such as lobster, crab, smoked fish, sea bass, chicken, duck, and pork. Add a touch of cream or cream cheese to bump up the body and a bit of dried apricot or peach to pull the dish and wine into a tight match.

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