Clear Flip Top Bottles, 750 ml - Case/12

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These reusable, flip-top style clear bottles simplify the bottling process by eliminating the need for capping. Made with thicker glass, these bottles are ideal to use with beers and beverages with higher carbonation, as well as for kombucha, to-go cocktails, bar syrups and drink mixes. These bottles are also a great storage option for salad dressings and sauces.

Just fill, flip the cap and rubber gasket onto the bottle opening and clamp down the wire. The sturdy steel wire assembly and rubber gaskets complete the seal.

These clear bottles include the flip-top lid assembly.

Specs: 750ml (25oz), case/12
Why we love them: Versatile, reusable and perfect for homebrewers looking for a larger format bottle option and for restaurants looking for to-go cocktail solutions.

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