NJ Wildflower Bulk Honey Buy 5 Pounds

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-Please Pre-Order

It's time to get your buzz on! The Philly Homebrew Outlet annual Bulk Honey Buy is on! Our honey supplier is Fruitwood Orchards in Monroeville, NJ. It is 100% raw NJ Wildflower Honey--the best local honey around.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Honey is $5.00 per pound, sold in 5 pound increments.
  • For this special event, you must pre-order your honey and plan to pick up in store.
  • Pickup will be at either store, we will confirm the exact date soon.
  • You MUST provide your own widemouthed container. For reference; 12lbs of honey fits in a 1 gallon container. Please do not provide a whole bunch of small containers!
  • IMPORTANT: We strongly suggest that you drop off your widemouthed container ahead of time. This will allow the PHO team to fill up your containers. Containers can be dropped off at the Oaklyn or West Philly stores. We will do our best to get containers filled and moved to Jersey ASAP Drop off containers by July 28th.
  • Don't have your own container? Pre-purchase a container from PHO and we will fill it up for pick up! Please include a note in your order that the container you selected is for your honey! Here are some great container options:
One Gallon Widemouth Glass Jar Fits 12 lbs of honey
Two Gallon Bucket plus lid  Fits 24 lbs of honey 

Got Honey questions? Just drop us a line! 


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