No Stress Tea Kit

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The No Stress Tea Kit includes everything you need to kick unwelcome stress to the curb! Whether it’s soothing away anxiety before a big meeting or preventing insomnia at bedtime, these herbal ingredients come together to make potent stress-fighting blends.

TIY’s No Stress Tea Kit includes eight organic herbs and botanicals, an elegant gaiwan (a glass cup expertly designed for tea infusion) and a recipe booklet with detailed instructions to help you create five unique blends.

How does it work?

You’ll combine different Organic Teas and ingredients to create soothing blends by following our recipes or inventing your own! We recommend using the included traditional Chinese brewing cup (gaiwan) for the infusion of our Herbal Tea Blends to fully enjoy their complex flavors.

How to use a gaiwan

Combine the ingredients in your Gaiwan.
Add boiling water and steep for 3-4 minutes.
Carefully pour the tea from your Gaiwan into your cup.
Re-infuse up to two more times and enjoy!
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Embrace a balanced, no stress lifestyle with these unique recipes:

Balanced Breath - This potent anti-anxiety blend harnesses the natural benefits of licorice root, hawthorn berry, and spearmint to help you overcome the stress and fatigue of a long day.
Sweet Dreams - Sink into bed with Sweet Dreams, a mellow infusion of chamomile and lemon balm. These herbs help you to exchange anxiety for peaceful calmness, allowing yourself to truly rest and recharge.
Minty Mantra - Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Minty Mantra is the perfect blend of calm and focus: spearmint, lemon balm, and passion flower naturally help you conquer stress in order to focus on what really matters.
Deep Slumber - Powerful valerian root and aromatic lemon balm join forces to fight insomnia and ease your body into a deep, restorative sleep.
Lavender Daydream - Light and floral, this delicious blend of chamomile, lavender buds, and honey is enjoyable day or night!

Glass Gaiwan –Traditionally used in China for thousands of years, this elegant glass vessel is ideal for steeping green teas.
Chamomile (0.39 oz) - Feel your stress melt away as chamomile strengthens both body and mind. This soothing herb instills a sense of confident calm, while its antioxidant properties boost the immune system and fight inflammation.
Lemon Balm (0.78 oz) - Along with its bright citrus aroma, lemon balm has been used for thousands of years to reduce stress, enhance concentration, and fight insomnia.
Spearmint (0.20 oz) - Bursting with flavor, spearmint helps you overcome feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety in order to improve focus and restore your stamina.
Licorice Root (0.49 oz) - Much more than just a unique flavor, licorice root naturally provides a burst of energy and promotes a healthy digestive system.
Hawthorn Berry (0.78 oz) - Slightly tart yet fruity, hawthorn berries naturally help to counteract stomach upset and lower stress levels.
Valerian Root (1.07 oz)- Revered as a medicinal sleep aid by the ancient Greek philosophers, valerian root encourages deep, restorative slumber.
Passion Flower (0.07 oz)- A beautiful, yet strong flower, this botanical ingredient naturally improves concentration, fights insomnia, and soothes away stress.
Lavender Buds (0.11 oz) – Lavender is a true powerhouse: soothing, calming, and antidepressant. This flower fights stress, soothes headaches, and improves brain function.
Recipe Booklet - Enjoy making five unique blends of tea, and savor the calming effects of Herbal Tea!
Organic and responsible ingredients:

At TIY, we focus on both proving high-quality natural ingredients and reducing our environmental impact. All of our teas are 100% Organic and free of pesticides, preservatives, additives, sugar, and GMOs. The Gaiwan is made of glass, meaning that you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals coming into contact with your tea. You can safely enjoy every sip knowing that you’re drinking pure, traditional tea in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and responsible way. What’s more, the cardboard packaging, tea tubes, and Gaiwan are recyclable.

*MMTUM, Inc. Montréal (Quebec) Canada H2G 1Z3 Certified organic by Ecocert ICO according to NOP Standards as well as certified USDA Organic, Canada Organic, and EU Organic.

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