Omega - HotHead™ Kveik

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A highly flocculent Norwegian ale strain with an astoundingly wide temperature range and little change in flavor across the range, Hothead™ is clean enough for both American and English styles. It has a unique honey-like aroma with overripe mango which is complementary to modern, fruity hops. Temperature control is unnecessary with this strain. Non-phenolic and no fusels, even at higher temperatures.


Strain Type

Norwegian Ales





Temperature Range

72–98° F (22–37° C)

Alcohol Tolerance


| Ryan

This is my first time using an omega yeast strain and I have to say that it is highly impressive. I went with the Hothead strain because I do not have ferm temp control at the moment. I did not treat this yeast well at all and it still performed. About 1/3 of the way through the boil I realized I forgot to take the yeast packet out of the refrigerator. I let it sit in the sun to come to temp. About 12 hours after pitching it blew through the airlock and is still chugging away.

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