Organic Super Sprout™ Wheat Flour 2.5 Pounds - 100% Certified

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Specs: Sold in 2.5 lb bags, certified organic

Exclusively made by Lindley Mills, Organic Super Sprout™ Wheat Flour is great in bread, pizza, cookies, pancakes and everything on your baking bucket list. This unique optimally-sprouted whole grain wheat flour is milled into a silky-fine, shelf stable sprouted product with enhanced nutrition, a deeper, smoother flavor, higher water absorption and tender longer-lasting softness. Sprouting enhances the nutrition and digestibility of wheat.

The wheat for this flour was grown through sustainable farming practices, that are not dependent on synthetic chemicals. 100% organic always means the product is Non-GMO, meaning it is free of genetically modified organisms.

Why you’ll love this flour: This flour is a great option for individuals with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, diabetes, and gastrointestinal issues.

A note on storage: When stored in original packaging for long periods of time organic flour can be susceptible to bug activity. We recommend re-packaging your flour. Most flour products will last 100-180 days, when kept in cool, dry, airtight conditions. Do not store in direct sunlight or beside the refrigerator, oven or heat vents. You can refrigerate or freeze the flour, just make sure to give it 24 hours to return to room temperature before using.

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