RJS En Primeur Winery Series Chilean Merlot


Note: This kit is available for Special Order. Allow two weeks for availability. In-store pick-up only.

An elegant ruby colored Merlot features a rich aromatic bouquet of fresh red cherries, toasted oak and herbs. Medium to full-bodied, it is characterized by the winery grape skins, which add expressive flavors of dark ripe plums, berries and silky tannins. Well structured and balanced, this wine kit produces a wine that culminates dramatically on the palate.

Includes 2 liters of Genuwine Crushed Grape Skins. Fermenting your wine on GenuWine Grape Skins will add deep hues, enhanced bouquet, and a lingering finish to our select red wines.

Category: Red
Size: 18L
Yield: 23L/6 US Gallons
Ready Time: 6-8 weeks
Oak: Medium
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

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