Seltzer Keg

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Everybody loves seltzer these days but why spend all that money on carbonated water when you can easily make it yourself at home?  We bring you the Seltzer Keg.  The seltzer keg is a reconditioned corny keg with an extended gas dip tube and 2 micron carbonation stone attached permanently.  Just hook up a CO2 connection to the keg, chill it, and in hours you can have a whole keg of seltzer.  You can even make fruit flavored seltzer right in the keg.  The Seltzer Keg is $134.95 and comes ready to use with all new seals.  For just $69.95 you can drop off one of your own corny kegs and we'll install an extended dip tube and 2 micron carbonation stone for you (2-3 day turnaround).  You can also use the Seltzer Keg to carbonate any of your other homemade beverages including beer, sparkling wine, cider, or anything else you'd like to make bubbly.  

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