About Philly Homebrew Outlet

Why are you called PHO sometimes?


PHO stands for Philly Homebrew Outlet, Our close customers refer to the stores as PHO West (West Philly) and PHO Jersey (Oaklyn, NJ).  Also PHO is delicious soup, we hope that what you make after purchasing ingredients for us is delicious as well, whether it's Homemade Wine, Beer, or anything else fermented.


How PHO is Redefining Homebrew?


Philly Homebrew Outlet specializes in DIY Consumables ranging from Beer, Wine, Cider, and other ferments.  We currently sell equipment and ingredients as well as home and professional bar equipment. Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service and expert knowledge so everyone can succeed in meeting their DIY or Professional Draft Service goals.


Philly Homebrew's History


Years ago, there was a store located in South Philly named Barry's Homebrew Outlet. Barry Mulherin was a do it yourself pioneer, building his home and store from an empty burned out shell. Barry's Homebrew Outlet started in 1983, servicing South Philly for Beer and Wine making enthusiast, just like yourself. After 15 years of running and owning the store, Barry felt it was time to move on, and sold the company to two of his best friends, Nick Less and Jimmy McMillan.

Nick started brewing beer with Barry, and Jimmy started brewing alone following the guidance of any book he could find. The boys met at Barry's Homebrew Outlet in the summer of 2003 at a "SPAM: South Philly Ale Makers" meeting, and have been friend ever since. Once the offer of purchasing the store was on the table, they both resigned their jobs and started a new business driven by the love and passion of homebrewing.

In November of 2015, we expanded and opened our West Philly location, and in late 2017 we opened yet another location in Oaklyn, New Jersey. 


Redefining Homebrew? What's that even mean?


Philly Homebrew Outlet is not just a retail store, it's a one stop shop for all types of DIY consumables. The vast knowledge the team has is shared free of charge for anyone that walks into the store. Ask any question, and if you don't receive the exact answer, you'll get a justified open opinion on the subject.

Homebrewing as a verb means to brew up something at home. Usually perceived as Beer brewing, but every morning you wake up and brew a pot of coffee... isn't that "Homebrewing" too? Why not crushing fresh fruit and making a small batch wine, or pressing your first semi soft cheese into a shaped mold? Want to start making your own Salumi in your basement, or growing tender Shiitake on a log in your dining room? Yep, that's Redefining Homebrew!

To all of you, from all of us at Philly Homebrew Outlet - Thank you and Happy Brewing!

Jimmy, Nick, and the rest of the PHO Team