Work at PHO

Philly Homebrew Outlet is hiring for the following positions:


Philly Taps Draft Beer Line Service Technician


Responsible for editing and following a set schedule from early morning to afternoon to properly clean draft lines in various bars and restaurants in the Philadelphia region. Must have a reliable mode of transportation and good problem solving skills. Hours and locations must be logged using TSheets, an application for Android or iPhones. Direct communication with clients regarding rescheduling, tardiness, cancellations, or anything else stopping the exact schedule. Much of the work will involve walking in coolers, so appropriate clothing should be considered. Responsible for managing communication with the owners of Philly Taps for any problems or concerns with equipment or clients. Service requires cleaning all lines and couplers with the proper chemicals, rinsing lines with water to match pH of tap water, then finally reconnecting to beverage supply and flushing lines with the original beverage. Final inspection for leaks or any other issues of all parts, connections and a complete clean up required before leaving.


To Apply for a job at Philly Homebrew Outlet, please send your resume/work history and a letter of introduction to: [email protected]