South African Chardonnay 6 Gal. Juice (White)

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South African Chardonnay

Chardonnay wine flavors have been described as citrus and melon and are made with and without barrel aging. Chardonnay is a versatile grape producing a soft, fruity wine without oak aging and aromas of smoke, vanilla, and caramel with barrel aging. Chardonnay is also produced using malolactic fermentation which imparts a buttery flavor.

The Chardonnay grape is green-skinned and is believed to have originated in the Burgundy wine region of eastern France but is now grown all over the world wherever wine is produced.

In Chile, Chardonnay has surpassed Sauvignon Blanc as the most widely planted white wine grape.

Chardonnay is also blended with Semillon in Australia and New Zealand. 


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