THE CLARIFIER 5 Micron Filter

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The Clarifier is a reusable multiple stage stainless steel filter cartridge for filtering beer and wine. It fits all commonly available standard 10inch filter cartridge housings.

The Clarifier utilizes a multiple layered 2 stage design. The outer layer traps hops and large particles while the inner layer filters yeast cells, proteins, and other small particles in your beer down to the filter rating. It's made from passivated micronic stainless steel mesh and food grade silicone gaskets.

All brewers want to sanitize everything that comes in contact with their beer on the cold side. With The Clarifier now you can sanitize your beer filter prior to use too. It's easy to clean after filtering and will provide a long useful life, paying for itself compared to disposable filters after as few as 3 uses.

Stainless Steel & Silicone construction 5 Micron filter

Reusable Two stage

Fits standard 10" filter housings 10" x 1.25"

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