Wake Up Tea Kit

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Glass Gaiwan – This traditional Chinese tea infuser is made 100% glass, meaning that it won’t alter the flavor of your tea. Information booklet - An easy-to-follow recipe booklet will the 7 recipes mentioned below. Ingredients: Assam Tea* (1.6 oz) – Originating from the Assam region in India, this tea is malty, bold, and satisfying. Keemun Tea* (0.70 oz) – This well-balanced Chinese tea is both smooth and toasty. Enjoy it with a little honey to bring out its depth of flavor. Pu’erh Tea* (0.70 oz) – Earthy and complex, Pu’erh is a fermented tea that gets richer and sweeter the longer you steep it. Ceylon Tea* (0.56 oz) – Simply smooth with a clean finish, this full-bodied black tea is a great companion to scones and milk. Lapsang Souchon Tea* (0.53 oz) – Favored by Winston Churchill and other powerful men, this intense, smoky tea really stands out. Bergamot & Lemon Peel* (0.52 oz) – These two citrus fruits brighten your tea blend with their harmonious and fragrant flavors. Lavender Buds* (0.11 oz) – Lavender is a true powerhouse: soothing, calming, and antidepressant, this flower fight stress, soothes headaches, and improves brain function. Rose Petals* (0.04 oz) – Packed with vitamin C and other nutrients, rose petals boost your immune system, balance your hormones, and soothe your nervous system.


The Wake-up Tea kit contains everything you need to make an invigorating cup of tea. Wake up your senses with these 5 caffeinated Organic Black Teas and 3 herbals ingredients. This kit even includes an elegant glass Gaiwan designed to steep your tea to perfection. Thanks to all the high-quality ingredients in your TIY Wake-up Tea Kit, you’ll get to experiment with various Organic Black Teas as well as flavourful peels and petals and make your own custom tea blends!

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